Standard And Non-Standard Colors Of Aussie Shepherds

When it comes to Aussie Shepherds, their colors make them stand out in the canine crowd. From standard hues to non-standard shades, these furballs boast a stunning palette. I

Understanding Aussie Shepherd Colors

Aussie Shepherds come in various colors recognized as standard by breed standards. The standard colors include black, red, blue merle, and red merle. Each color brings its own charm, from the sleek black coat to the vibrant red fur and the captivating merle patterns.

Non-Standard Colors – Unveiling the Unconventional

Beyond the standard hues, Aussie Shepherds can also surprise you with non-standard colors. These variations might not adhere to the official breed standards, but they add a touch of individuality to each pup. Picture a quirky mix of chocolate, lilac, or even shades of sable – these non-standard colors bring an extra layer of uniqueness to the Aussie Shepherd family.

Perplexity in Colors

The world of Aussie Shepherd colors can be a bit perplexing, especially for those new to the breed. Imagine it as selecting paint for your room – you have your standard colors, but then there’s a whole array of unconventional choices that can make the decision even more exciting. Just like choosing a paint color, selecting the perfect Aussie Shepherd with the right coat hue may take some exploration.

Business in Breeding

For breeders, the array of Aussie Shepherd colors creates a fascinating landscape. It’s not just about producing dogs; it’s about creating a masterpiece of colors and patterns. A breeder’s palette includes the standard hues, but the non-standard colors add a creative touch to their work. The demand for unique colors also influences the breeding business, with enthusiasts seeking that special Aussie Shepherd that stands out from the crowd.

Navigating the Colorful Canine World

As a potential Aussie Shepherd owner, navigating the colorful canine world may seem overwhelming. It’s akin to choosing a favorite ice cream flavor – there are classics, but then there are those limited-time, exotic choices that catch your eye. While standard colors provide a timeless appeal, non-standard hues offer a chance to own a one-of-a-kind companion.


In the realm of Aussie Shepherds, the diverse colors add flair to an already amazing breed. Whether you opt for the classic black or explore the world of non-standard colors, each Aussie Shepherd is a unique masterpiece. Embrace the perplexity, enjoy the business of breeding, and savor the joy of owning a canine companion that mirrors your style.


Can I find Aussie Shepherds in colors other than black, red, blue merle, or red merle?

Yes, some Aussie Shepherds come in non-standard colors like chocolate, lilac, or sable.

Are non-standard colored Aussie Shepherds considered less healthy than those with standard colors?

No, the coat color doesn’t affect the overall health of an Aussie Shepherd. Health depends on various factors, including genetics and care.

How do breeders create non-standard colored Aussie Shepherds?

Non-standard colors often result from selective breeding, introducing genes that produce unique coat hues.

Do non-standard colored Aussie Shepherds have different temperaments?

No, the coat color doesn’t influence the dog’s temperament. Temperament is primarily shaped by genetics and upbringing.

Can I participate in dog shows with a non-standard colored Aussie Shepherd?

While some dog shows may prioritize standard colors, there are events and competitions specifically for non-standard colored Aussie Shepherds.

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