Top 8 Most Best Friendly Pet Bird Species In United States

The Charming Cockatiel

These gentle Australians love to cuddle and whistle. They're perfect for first-time bird owners!

Image : unsplash

The Chatty Budgie

Smart and sociable, budgies (parakeets) can learn tricks and even talk! They thrive in pairs and love to play.

Image : unsplash

The Playful Conure

These energetic birds are full of personality! They love to explore and bond closely with their owners.

Image : unsplash

The Sweet Lovebird

As their name suggests, lovebirds form strong bonds with their mates and owners. They're known for their playful antics!

Image : unsplash

The Peaceful Dove ️

Gentle and soothing, doves bring a calming presence to any home. They enjoy companionship and gentle interactions.

Image : unsplash

The Melodious Finch

These tiny songbirds fill your home with sweet chirps. They're low-maintenance but thrive in social settings.

Image : unsplash

The Cheerful Canary

Known for their beautiful singing, canaries add sunshine to your day. They're relatively quiet and require minimal space.

Image : unsplash

The Miniature Marvel: Parrotlet

Compact and packed with personality, parrotlets are playful clowns who love games and attention.

Image : Pinterest

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